We offer supply of any kind of Medicines, pharmaceutical equipment and supplies Medicines, Medical products and equipment’s ,Surgery Instruments ,Medical and non-medical staff uniforms ,Labor safety equipment’s Health care products ,Agricultural tools and supplies ,Food Items ,PPE (personal protection equipment) supplies , Internet services , rental Vehicle ,Stationery supplies ,Tents (family and individual) ,IT equipment and supplies ,Solar panels and accessories ,Non-Food Items (Hygiene kits, teacher/student kits, ,water kits, dignity kits etc.) and Household cleaning supplies across Afghanistan.

We enjoy good relationships with our business partners, Hospitals, NGOs and INGOS enabling smooth, secure and prompt delivery. We take personal interest in every order we take. We take great care in the proper and timely delivery of a customer’s order, whatever it may be, and give it the attention it deserves. All your orders and demands are rendered by highly committed professionals who have the capability of providing services like no other and our collaboration enables us to render our products at the most competitive prices. Our professionals who are responsible to execute all the works are highly trained and have ample experience. They excel in handling all the work with great proficiency and confidence, leading the company ahead in the pharmaceutical sector in Afghanistan. (ANTLC) management is formed by well trained, qualified and experienced top caliber managers from different parts of Afghanistan and the world has the potential and exemplary experience to provide high quality products and maintain the reputation of the company in the market.